Mobile-Baldwin County Continuum of Care service providers such as Family Promise of Coastal Alabama collect information about people who apply for services.  We handle all personal information very carefully.  Read more about our data management and privacy practices.  

​Interfaith Hospitality Network

The core elements of an effective approach to homelessness for families already exists in our community - volunteers, congregations and mainstream resources.  The Interfaith Hospitality Network is the bringing together of these core elements.  Volunteers prepare and serve meals. Congregations share their space. An experienced case manager assists families with making individualized case plans and accessing community resources.

In partnership with the City of Mobile, FPCA provides rental units for three families in a renovated duplex and an energy efficient single family home. Families in our affordable housing program receive the same client-focused case management services that our IHN families receive for up at least 12 months. The symbiotic relationship between the City and Family Promise promotes the health of an older downtown neighborhood while meeting one of a family's most basic needs, housing at a cost they can manage. To date, six families have participated in the affordable housing program, and five have successfully moved on to independent housing.

Affordable Housing


of the families we serve achieve permanent housing

Although homelessness is essentially the inability to afford housing, the root of a housing crisis can be complicated.  We assist families in identifying and solving issues for lasting stability.

Families are referred to as Guests. 

Family Promise of Coastal Alabama offers guests:

  • Overnight accommodations at a local congregation
  • Three meals a day
  • Case management from a holistic perspective
  • Day Center with internet, laundry, showers and a postal address​​

"IHN is the quintessential community approach to homelessness.  The result is a real solution that is cost-effective and compassionate."

-Diane McCaskey, Executive Director

What We Do

​​FPCA is Mobile’s only emergency housing program that provides shelter and services for the entire family at no cost to them.

  • ​​Transportation to school, work, and vital appointments
  • Social and educational services
  • Job retention, budgeting and parenting skills
  • Support, compassion, hope and respect